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Shouts of Liberty, Shouts of Freedom

Picture this: You’re at a political rally with over 50,000 people in attendance! Everyone seems to care a lot about “freedom” and “liberty”. You want to fit in but don’t know what to yell in order to endear yourself to your angry brethren. Don’t worry. I got you.

On Liberty

  1. Liberty is a measure of available possible actions, affordances, or optionality!

  2. Liberality is the ethos of allowing within a system the maximum possible liberty while maintaining the viability of that system!

  3. Liberty is a bird in flight!

  4. What does Ashby say? Only variety absorbs variety!

  5. The average complexity of regulators in a system determines the degree of hierarchy which is needed for survival!

  6. Liberty may expand or contract with changes of hierarchy; the chalice or the blade—which do we seek?

On Freedom

  1. The Good as first principle makes freedom bonocentric!

  2. Liberty relates to means, while freedom relates to ends!

  3. Freedom is a flower in bloom!

  4. What is” implies “what ought” to be; the closer the former to the latter, the more free are we!

  5. The autopoietic complexification of monads tends towards the perfect freedom of Monas Monadum!

  6. The eternal ideas are within me; the absolute and relative are inseparable; this is freedom’s key!

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