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The collected philosophical work of Evan Atlas

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A metacrisis is a complex system whose elements are crises, and exhibits, as a unified whole, its own unique behaviors and properties beyond those found in its elemental crises.
A metarevolution is a nonlinear change—often a phase shift or metasystem transition—in the underlying conditions which constitute the foundations of all nonlinear change. It is a complex system whose holons are revolutions. It addresses the base layers of all crises, and it is revolution applied to the base layers of revolutions. A metarevolution leads in the direction of greater complexity and consciousness of, and coherence between, action-centers. It is a state of orientation towards a metacrisis as a unity, and a striving to address the deepest crises within it—in a way which does not simultaneously lead the metasystem as a whole into worse crises.
So let us turn revolution upon itself and radically transform the underlying conditions of radical transformation. We will take on our metacrisis with a metarevolution, and also demonstrate metarevolutionary principles which will be applicable to any future metacrisis.

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